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    Welcome to Tap Automotive. We are a family owned and operated facility based out of Clarksville, IN, dedicated to customer satisfaction and ensuring you are on the road with a fully functioning vehicle.
    Our full service automotive shop is capable of servicing every component of a vehicle. You know you are in fine hands when you come to us, as we are a Seven Bay automotive shop and ASE Certified. We do everything you need when it comes to your vehicle.
    Waiting on your vehicle? We have complimentary Keurig coffee and other beverages in a newly remodeled waiting area. Feel free to watch TV or observe your repairs through our viewing window. We'll keep you updated every step of the way.
    If your vehicle needs to stay with us for repairs, we have a multi-camera security system on-site to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure.
    We are also a TechNet authorized location that utilizes their services post-repair and work with them for all roadside services as needed. Call on us today for assistance!
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Our Services

Engine repair 1
​Engine Diagnostics

The check engine light indicates an issue with your car. If it has turned on, we recommend a trip to T.A.P. Automotive for reliable engine repair. We want to be the auto repair shop you turn to for all your automotive needs. For many years, we have been responsible for providing outstanding automotive restoration and repair services. Depending on your diagnosis, we can ensure that your engine is running properly in order for the rest of the components in your vehicle to operate smoothly.

Exhaust Repair

If you are experiencing loud noises coming out of the tailpipe of your car, this could be a problem with the muffler or exhaust system not functioning properly. Here at T.A.P. Automotive, we specialize in exhaust repair, allowing you to get the best experience out of your car.

Tire service
Tires & Wheel Alignment

Our team is knowledgeable in all things tire and steering related. An inspection into your tire rotation and balance can go a long way in ensuring that you are safe on the road. Whether you want a tire replacement or you need a professional wheel alignment service, we'll get it done right with our state-of-the-art alignment rack. Using the latest technology, we'll get it done right the first time.

Transmission service
Transmission Repair

Whatever auto predicament you may be uncovering, just bring it to our reliable mechanics and we will service your vehicle with integrity. If it happens it be a transmission issue, our team can address it quickly. Rough shifts in how your car is progressing forward are signs that your transmission is going out and makes for a jerky drive. Visit us to get it all smoothed out.

Car ac
Car Heating & AC Repair Service

If your car isn't heating up or cooling down your interior properly, you may want to get your heating and cooling system checked. Our team will inspect and replace (if needed) the belts and hoses in your car. No one wants to be driving through the winter with freezing cold temperatures or under the hot summer sun without some proper air conditioning. Visit us in Clarksville, IN today for your temperature control!

Oil change
Oil Change and Maintenance Services

Keep your engine running smoothly with a proper oil change service. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle running without a hitch, and oil is what allows your engine to continue running without any hiccups.

Brake service
Brake Service

T.A.P. Automotive is a specialized brake shop specializing in brake pads, rotors, and more. We'll help you double-check that your vehicle is able to stop properly and fix any issues with why it may not be doing so.

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